Building the future of transportation. Delft Hyperloop

I received a call from Delft Hyperloop team members. This is an ambitious project in which, for a full year, a team of students from TU Delft Technical University work to create a functioning concept of a Hyperloop. The team are in LA as I write this to compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop competition

They were looking for a voice-over to add an extra dimension to their live reveal event. They also needed a voice-over for their future-vision video, which explains their vision for the future of transport. I could tell that they were very passionate and serious about this project and that they were in it to win. I am also a huge fan of Elon Musk, who started the hyperloop competition, and futuristic inventions. So I agreed to sponsor them with my voice-over services.

First up was a visit to their headquarters, where I got to see how they were building the Hyperloop and got a tour of the terrain they were on.

You may look at this and think “Hey, that’s just a puppet in there. This is just a toy”. Well, you might not be able to ride this bad boy yet, but this is a 2:1 model of what a real hyperloop might look like in the future. In a few decades, you may be sitting in something like this on your daily commute to work from Amsterdam to Paris. It’ll get you there in under 30 minutes..

We talked about what they wanted from me for the reveal of their Hyperloop Pod. I came up with the idea of making the reveal an immersive experience, letting the audience feel like they just boarded the world’s first Hyperloop Pod and were about to set off on a journey at 900kph.

The team loved the idea and agreed to do it. Here is the result  (skip to 0:30 if you want to go straight to the reveal):

Then I recorded the voice-over for their 3D-animated video, in which they explain their vision for the future of Hyperloop. Animation production agencies MIR and Realizm created beautiful 3D images. The result is breathtaking.

We agreed that it was important that the voice would convey the passion and enthusiasm that the team had put into this project. But they also wanted the technical and futuristic aspect to be heard in the tone-of-voice. So I went with a warm, exciting, yet controlled and clear tone-of-voice. 

It’s time for you to take a look at the future of passenger transport:

After a fierce battle, the team came in Second place. You can read about the competition here.

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