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Promotional Video | Every 60 Seconds

Animation company FutureCowboys made this awesome video summing up the crazy amount of things that happen on the internet every minute. I was happy to voice this for them with an up-beat and conversational tone-of-voice.

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Promotional Video | Gemeente Duiven

The municipality of Duiven made a video to promote their town. They also wanted to attract internationals, so they made the video bi-lingual. I voiced the English version with a warm and friendly tone-of-voice.

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B2B Sales | Nokia

Having quite a good amount of cold-selling experience myself, I generally have a good feel for what the sales department of a company is looking for. People don’t like a pushy salesman, so the trick is not to sound to ‘salesy’ or ‘try-hard’, while still delivering the message in a powerful, energetic and no-nonsense way.

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Explainer Video | Cubicost

Cubicost are a tech company who make software for builders and architects.  I was asked to voice this quick “coffee break” explainer video for them. I did so happily and with a relaxed, friendly and conversational tone-of-voice.

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Industrial Video | Fränkische Rohrwerke

This company produces state-of-the-art piping systems. They made two videos to explain their factory process. I always like recording industrial videos, because they remind me of that show ‘How It’s Made’.

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Documentary | Steve Jobs the Hybrid

Students from NYU put together this short video portrait of Steve Jobs. The tone-of-voice works well for informative reads, because it brings across information in a clear and engaging way.

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Voice-Of- God for Event | Making Solar Bankable

Having quality pre-recorded announcements and introductions at an event or conference adds an extra dimension to the experience. I was pleased to record the introduction and speaker introductions for this great conference that promotes positive change in the world.

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Explainer Video | Pro Cured

Procurement company Pro Cured needed a voice-over for their explainer video. I helped them with adjustments to the script and provided them with a natural, friendly and authentic read.

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Corporate Video | FLS Company

Some might remember the popular Flügel party shooter, or Boswandeling, the cream liquor from in their teenage years. I was asked to provide the voice-over for this corporate video that shows how their company and portfolio have developed over the years.

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