Thank you for choosing my voice for your project. I look forward to getting started!

To help us get to your desired result as smoothly and quickly as possible, I have set up this agreement. Please take a few minutes to look through the sections and let me know via e-mail if you agree. 

If your project requires changes to these agreements, I am happy to discuss that with you up-front. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Providing a briefing

Here are a few ways in which you can help me understand what you want:
  • Live directed session. Give me live direction during a Skype / ipDTL / SessionlinkPro session. Live sessions are available for projects over €400,- and are limited to 1 hour.
  • Tell me which of the samples on my website you like for your project. Then we I will use these as a reference point.
  • Provide some key words that describe the tone of voice you're looking for.
  • Give me some context. Send me the WIP video and/or background music if available. Help me understand what kind of people are going to listen to the recording and in what kind of environment and what the goal is of the recording
  • Provide a reference of a voice-over you like. If the project has already been voiced in another language, send me that version.
  • I can also record a few samples in different styles, to help you find what you're looking for.
A combination of the above usually works best. If you are having any difficulties, we can go over the options together.  I’m here to help, so if you want my input, you just have to ask.

Timing and pace of the voice-over

It is important to let me know if you need the voice-over to fit within a specific timing in order to keep within the time of a video. If you do explicitly tell me to keep to a certain timing or pacing, I will assume that you are giving me freedom te determine a pacing that I see fit for the script, and will later animate or adjust the video to the speed of my voice.


Retakes are free of charge in case of mistakes on my part or if you are not 100% happy with the end result, as long as we stick to the original briefing.

If you choose to direct me in a live session, the result of that session is final. Re-takes after that session can be done at additional cost.

Timing and pacing: If you require me to adhere to a certain timing or if you need the recording to be under a certain length, you need to explicitly state this when sending me the approved script. If you do not state this explicitly, I will assume that you are going to adjust the timing of your video to the pace of my voice-over. If you do not specify this up-front, re-takes will come at additional charge.

Pronunciation: It is your responsibility to indicate your desired pronunciation of foreign language words, acronyms and company or product names.

Script changes

A script is ready to be recorded only after it has been confirmed final and approved by the client. If you are sending me a script that is not yet approved, please indicate this clearly, so that I know to wait for final approval before getting started.

Sometimes changes need to be made unexpectedly, after the recording has been done.

For smaller projects up to 1200 words (not including commercials), I include one small round of pick-ups in my standard rates. This means that if you have one or two sentences that need to be changed, I will re-record them for free. For larger changes, the rates are as follows; 3-7 sentences costs €100,-, larger changes cost 50% of the project rate (min. €100,-). For any second correction round, 1-7 sentences cost €100,- and larger changes cost 50% of the project rate (min. €100,-).

For larger projects, I also include a small round of pick-ups. This can be up to 10 sentences. Larger changes will be charged €0,40 per word with a minimum of €100,- per session. Any second round of changes will cost €0,40 per word with a minimum of €100,- per session. If you want to simply add text to a project, then the rate per word is the same as the project rate.

For commercials any changes can be made for the full session fee of €350,-, unless agreed otherwise upfront.

As stated in the section above, re-recordings for tone-of-voice are free of charge, as long as we stick to the original briefing. If you want me to re-record for tone-of-voice and simultaneously make some script changes, you will still be charged for the script changes.

When you send me the final, client-approved script, I will assume that your client knows about these potential extra costs.

Script proofreading

While I will proofread each script that I receive to the best of my ability. However, the end responsibility for a correct script lies with you, the client. If having 100% correct grammar is absolutely essential in your project, then I recommend you have your script checked by a professional copy writer.

I cannot record a script that is full of mistakes. When I receive scripts that are badly written or translated and I anticipate that correcting it will take me a lot of time, I will offer to re-translate it for a fee.

Billing and payment

I understand your need for me to be reliable, flexible and fast in the delivery of your voice-over recordings. Therefore I work hard to ensure you have what you need in time to hit your deadlines. In return I ask that payments for my services are made on time. The rights to use the recording are transferred upon payment of the invoice.

You will receive an invoice upon delivery of the first version of the recording. Payment is due within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Transfers can be made as follows:

  • Europe - from countries in the SEPA region, transfer funds to Audio Tailor, NL 86 KNAB 025 711 0437.
  • Non-Euro countries - use TransferWise. To make the payment all you need to do is follow this link:, create an account if you don't already have one and make the payment using the following details: e-mail address:, company name: Audio Tailor
  • USA - if you are in the USA, you can also transfer funds to the following account:
    Account Holder
    TransferWise FBO Sean Charles Gray
    Account number
    Wire transfer number
    Bank code (SWIFT / BIC)
    Routing number (ACH or ABA)
    19 W 24th Street
    New York
    United States

  • UK - if you are in the UK, you can also transfer funds to the following account:
    Account Holder
    Sean Charles Gray
    Account number
    IBAN (to receive GBP from UK only)
    GB38 TRWI 2314 7057 4087 73
    UK Sort Code
    56 Shoreditch High Street
    E1 6JJ
    United Kingdom

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